Thursday, August 25, 2011

Encouragment and a Session Report

I was quite surprised to see comments on my last post so soon.  This really encouraged me.  So to get things moving during my "inaugural" period of blogging, I thought I'd post up a solo RPG session report.

This write up is my first forays into solo RPGs.  Prior to this, I'd never tried anything, assuming it was impossible to play an RPG solo.  I used Mythic's Game Master Emulator (GME or sometimes seen as MGME) to create the story.  With one exception, I did not include anything from using the GME in my write up.  Neither did I include any of the game mechanics in the write up.  I've tried to approach it like narrating the game to myself as I played.  I typed the session notes as I went and fixed them later.

I'm still new to solo RPGs and haven't found the best method to "actualize" the game as I play it.  By this I mean, how I experience the game play.  I could just imagine it all, or act it out verbally, or type it up like I've been doing.  My more recent session notes have become a mish mash of things, including the GME questions and narrative and even dialog.  I plan to take those raw notes and craft something more coherent so the story becomes the focus.

Here is a link to the session report.  I am playing Fantasy Flight Games Dark Heresy RPG.  This is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  As such, to really understand the write up you will probably need to know something about this setting.

I was also learning the game mechanics at the same time.  I won't give the ending away, but it should be obvious that what happened was because I didn't really understand some things about the game.  In any event, these sessions became the prologue to a longer story that I'm playing through currently.

I hope you will enjoy my weak first attempts at a solo RPG.  I'm planning more to come, both in this story line and other RPGs.  (I'm getting dangerously close to starting a Pathfinder game!)


  1. Heya Jerry,

    I liked your write up.

    I'd be interested in seeing it with the use of the GME and mechanics left in to see exactly how you convert a printed adventure into a solo rpg session.


  2. Hi Craig, Thanks! I was considering posting the next part of the series with the GME questions left in. I'll probably go that way since people might find it more interesting to see the questions.

    The report you read was not from a printed adventure. It was my own premise and the GME provided the rest of the inspiration.