Monday, August 29, 2011

Dark Heresy Sessions, Part One

Here is the next installment of my Dark Heresy solo games.  I pick up the story right where my previous character ended.  While it's not totally necessary to read that first, it might help.  Again, familiarity with the Warhammer 40,000 setting will help with some of the visuals.  The document encompasses multiple sessions and the completion of the first "act."  I didn't intend to create acts, but GME is helping with that!

The session reports are at this link.

This time I included all the questions that I asked GME.  I gave my probability estimates and the outcome (though not the number, in most cases).  For scenes or complex questions, I gave the results I rolled on the GME tables.  All the other stuff is basically what I typed up as the game proceeded.  Generally one scene per session was enough for me, though some scenes lasted longer.  I think totally I played about six hours or so.

I assume everyone reading the blog so far is familiar with GME and some methods for playing a solo RPG.  If this is not clear, I can post up about the basics. 


  1. Great job handling all of those Exceptional Yes responses! Your campaign world knowledge was superb and proved to be absolutely essential when interpreting Mythic results - and that's an important tip for anyone trying to use Mythic.

    When you get the chance, describe your most comfortable set up for playing and writing up sessions. (I still haven't found my perfect solo RPG groove, yet!)

  2. Thanks to both of you.

    @JF, I'm not entirely sure I've found my best set up yet. But I guess I'm settling into things now that I've got several sessions under my belt. I'll take up your suggestion in a future post. I'd like to do more than session reports, but don't really know what other might think is useful.